Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wednesday/last night the 'Italian' and I went on a date to Dodger Stadium to see them play against the San Diego Padres.

The 'Italian' told me that he had never been to a Dodger game so he was excited see one. Naturally I was excited as well because it was going to be his first time and I love watching the Dodgers play. The game was expected to sell out and so I logged online the night before and bought some tickets that were actually good seats for what I paid - almost every seat in Dodger Stadium is a prize in my opinion.

Before the game I stopped by my local mall and bought us both a Dodger hat. I can't remember the last time I owned a Dodger hat and since it was his first game I thought he should sport one as well. I've wanted the particular style hat *that you see to your left* for a while so I decided to buy it.

We met at Mexican restaurant El Conquistador in Silverlake for some pre-game drinks! I surprised him with the hat and he suprised me by wearing a black shirt as well - yah, we matched, kinda cute huh? I have to admit that everytime I see the 'Italian' he gets more handsome... I have a little bit of a crush on him and I am so fortunate to have met him. After our drinks we went to the Stadium, parked our car and ran to our seats - we were already 30 minutes late. It was so cute because he was totally unaffected by his surroundings and was genuinely happy to be at the game. When we were walking up to the Stadium he would hold my hand or give me a kiss. Being at Dodger Stadium I knew we had to be a bit respectful with the kind of people we had around us. Kind of people meaning: conservative, Latino families. Holding hands and kissing in front of children does not bother me.

The crowds were massive in the Stadium and when we found our seats he continued to show me small public displays of affection *PDA's* (kisses, hugs, and ear tugs (ear tugs are so cute). I had to finally tell him that we had to watch our PDA's becuase the crowd around us could be a bit judgemental. I wasn't necessarily worried about our actions but I was concerned about peoples reactions after they've had their fifth beer and are having a good buzz. All it takes is a group of Latin guys who want to display their machismo personality in public and start talking shit to some gay guys - LOL! The 'Italian' was sweet and understanding, while I told him he could still tug on my ear and I encouraged it *wink*! I remember walking into the stadium some lady spotted us holding hands and she made some sort of comment like "Wow, look at that!" I also remember looking behind us while we were in our seats and these people were noticing our PDA's - I could really careless if people stare or comment, I just don't want any trouble!

The game was great and even though we had hardly any room to move I think he enjoyed the game and got a better understanding of what American baseball was about. He made a comment to me that made a lot of sense. The 'Italian' said that he noticed how there is often a game withing a game going on (i.e. - Bloopers, Follies, shots of fans in the stadium, trivia, the wave, singing etc...) He is right too!!! I had to explain to him the rules of the game which would normally annoy me but his curiousity was so genuine and real I couldn't get mad, I thought it was endearing and innocent!

He took several pictures of us so when he puts them on his MySpace I will post them... don't worry *wink*!!

After the game we went to a place in Los Feliz Village called Fred 62 and had some late dinner. We talked, ate, kissed, held hands and were a cute couple!!

This weekend him and I are going to Vegas to meet up with his friends who are visiting from Italy... this trip should be a great bonding experience for both of us to get to know each other better!

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