Friday, September 5, 2008


Tomorrow night I will be seeing Nine Inch Nails in concert for the first time in 13 years, um yah I'm excited!!! The last time I saw Trent in concert was when they opened up for David Bowie in 1995 at the Forum. Coincidentally tomorrow night I will also be seeing them at The Forum but this time they will be headlining. Wow, to go back 13 year - I was still in high school with dyed black hair and flannels were fashionably in and so was dying your hair black - apparently! I don't remember who I went with - probably Laura, but I remember how amazing he was in concert and the energy he gave off to the adoring crowd. Tomorrow night I am going with Robert, Moses boyfriend, and I am so grateful that Moses is letting me buy his ticket off of him! My friend Eric just bought a ticket to the show too so we will all be partying in the pit... how amazing is that going to be?? Check out NIN during their 1994/1995 World Tour with David Bowie which was called The Dissonance Tour! I didn't know that offhand but before looking it up I didn't think that Bowie and NIN was a good team to travel on the road with. As I remember Bowie was touring under a very strange album, not only was it a dark, gloomy album but it just wasn't him. I can remember watching Bowie and thinking "this is the legend they claim is amazing?" Bowie was trying to match the feel of the concert but it just wasn't working. Looking up the concert tour it states on Wikipedia "This tour observed a format placing Nine Inch Nails as the opening act, transitioning into Bowie's set with joint performances of both bands' songs.[18] However, the crowds reportedly did not respond positively to the combination.[19]" At least I wasn't the only one that thought so! Check out NIN below from that tour... he was amazing!

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