Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Why am I so giddy that Dan won Big Brother 10? I have no reason to be happy... really I don't! Yesterday I was so happy to be going to the television taping of the show. I got my haircut, my eye brows cleaned up, and got all my friggin errands done early so we could be there at least by 3:15 - apparently 3:15 was way too late because Lorrie and I never got into the show. There were about 60 people in line to see the show who acquired their tickets from a ticket agency, on the contrary there were over 130 people who got their tickets from CBS directly, so of course they got in first!

I was almost in tears because I didn't get in, however I did get to see Matt and Adam from last season - and Adam even said a friendly Hello! There were numerous house guests from previous seasons and it was fun to see them all... did I mention Matty, LOL?

After the rejection Lorrie and I went over to a restaurant in Studio City called Mexicali to sulk in our loss and drink margaritas - two pitchers and some fajitas!
Joseph, my best friend, joined us to laugh, talk and share our margaritas... it was
a lot of fun I have to say!

Lorrie and I ended our night by grabbing some frozen yogurt and then watching the Season Finale at her house with her fiance Mike.

I hope I get into the Wrap Party tomorrow night, Dee Dee said she could smuggle me in and it's so important to me.... I hope, I hope, I hope!!!

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