Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have been procrastinating all day long on when/if I will go to the gym today. I have some errands to run but for some reason staying at home sounds so much better than driving to Pasadena to go to the gym - man I wish Bally Total Fitness would build a gym in Monrovia, that'd be amazing!

This past week has been probably the most stressful week that I've had in a long while. Besides all the bad shit that has gone on in the past week there has been some awesome stuff - including Micky's nightclub meetings have officially resumed and we will be starting to *seriously* talk about the nightclubs future, Cocktails with the Stars, and other endeavors revolving around the bar. There is not much I can tell you but I can say this is going to be a totally DIFFERENT porn show and blow all others left away... it will really be amazing!

Months before the club burned to the ground the major thing I think the night and promotion needed was a BREAK! The night had no new ideas, no new promotions and even though we were still bringing in the hottest stars and had a lot of free giveaways from some great companies nothing that blew my skirt up was going on.

I do believe everything happens for a reason but I think the hiatus and the club has had will make everything 110% better when things finally get off the ground! I have received so much support from people in the porn industry about getting Cocktails with the Stars back up and running again, I can't wait for opening night!!!

The romance with the 20 year old boy is officially over. I guess I shoudn't call him a 'boy,' nothing about him was 'boy' like *wink*! The main problem was that we got intimate way too fast and then trying to reverse that and make dates instead of sex all the time was too difficult for him to comprehend, I think the thought that I was not interested in him. It makes me sad that it ended but then again I think it is for the best - the boy is a dominant top and two dominant tops don't get a long well in a relationship. In the future I cannot allow myself to get involved with someone so much like me! Does that sound bad or awful? I hope not, I'm just being honest and most of all realistic on what kind of person will inevitablly make me happy! Relationships are alwasy 50/50 and I don't think the fault of our crumble was either his or more, sometimes he thought I was uninterested and sometimes I was unsure but 85 percent of me wanted to get to know the kid and see what made him tick!

Yesterday my day was pretty damn full, usually my days are spent at home and working from my computer, instead I was able to spend four solid hours with my father having breakfast, fixing the refrigerator, shopping at Costco and having heart to heart conversations. After I spent a few hours with my friend Leslie who is set to give birth to her baby girl Sophia in two weeks - EEEHHH!!

After I got dressed and met up with my friend Johnny Hazzard in West Hollywood for some dinner at St. Felix. Over the past year Hazzard and I have become pretty good freinds and so have our dogs. I enjoy talking to him because he is a good listener, a wise man and a genuinely good person at heart. We had a great dinner and then strolled over to a local ice creamery that serves shakes and sundaes. The name escapes me but involves a MILLION choices of Shakes. If I had the time I would love to sit down and do the math and see if they actually do have a million different options for shakes - could I sue for lying or false advertising?

Joseph picked me up afterwards and we drove up to Hollywood Blvd. to attend the 944 Magazine/MTV Music Awards official party at the Kress Building! The building used to be the old Fredericks of Hollywood store but this looked nothing like the old store.

The Kress building is a four story building that used to be a department store during the olden days of Hollywood, appraently there was a Kress Department store in Long Beach too - FYI! Now the building hosts an awesome restuarant and three floors of night club action! While the hosted bar and celebs were on the rooftop we were forced to party on the third floor until Joseph and his friend got the sacred wristbands that would get us up on the rooftop so we could hang out with Perez Hilton, The Kardashians and some other rappers who I had no idea who they were. I felt priveleged to go becuase I thought I could meet a lot of new contacts so I could begin writing for 944 again and meet other professionals in the magazine industry - except the party was so big that didn't happen.

The party was fun but way too much testosterone and the gays were too obvious to spot out. How come in Hollywood all the gays are so fucking typical and you can point them out amongst a crowd of a hundred people? Do you know what I'm saying? I wish I could have taken a picture of some of the gays that I saw...
Anyway, the picture you see is Joseph and Hannah at the party. Hannah and I got along pretty well, her story is the same as mine - minus the single and alone part *wink*! She graduated from UCLA and is now a freelance writer but feels as if she is stuck in LA because there are virtually no chances to get ahead for aspiring journalists. She was a diva and if I didn't know any better I would have thought she was some big time writer for Cosmo or something. Her personality reminded me alot of my coworker Leslie at Beckham Grill so I liked that too! I got Hannah's information so we can keep in touch and I will - funny how two people can connect so quickly, and the funniest part about her was that she made this funny comment when we were alone about how she 'digs' gay guys. I wasn't sure what meant by 'dig' but the vibe that I receievd was that she falls in love with them and then they come out to her later... I think. I will definitly ask and clarify!

Joseph and I went over to pick up his friend John and then headed to the gay bars once again to grab some drinks and party a bit more. I didn't last too long because I was way too tired to say any longer, the only option was for me to go home - I knew the next day I would have to deal with my boss(es) and the gym so it was in my best interest to leave the day behind and the great memories with some great friends!

Ciao, Ciao!!

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