Sunday, September 28, 2008


TJ told me about this gym-esque place in Monrovia called Cross Fit Academy. The web site says it is nothing like a gym and it isn't - it was more like a concentration camp! I went on Friday morning and woke up Saturday morning with my legs in utter pain as a result of the box jumps and my back aching a little from the squats!

I am thinking about joining the school and watch my body change drastically due to the sweat, pain and agony! The 16 minute training I went through was pretty strenuous!

1. One minute of rowing
2. One minute of push ups
3. One minute of box jumps
4. One minute of squats
5. Run around the building

The rowing wasn't so bad but the push ups were exhausting as were the squats! The task that was most difficult was the box jumps, jumping up and down on a box that was about 20" long was hard.... very hard! The competitor in me says "GO BACK AND DEAL WITH THE PAIN!!" The fag in me says "You can't do pull ups, squats, power squats and rope climbing - get out while you are still alive! UGH... decisions, decisions!

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