Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Saturday night a bunch of friends decided to head to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary to catch the last film of the summer: ALIEN.

Moses had a group of nine people (Derrick and Kevin to name a few) and I had a five friends with me. It was my first time seeing a movie at the cemetary and a long over due visit. These movies in the cemetary have been going on for years now and every summer I tell myself that I will go but never do. TJ and Chris met up with 'The Italian' and his two friends who were visiting from Italy to see the movie that I had never seen. Have you seen the original ALIEN?

I was floored when I found out that the movie was made in 1979 - who knew? The movie, unlike the original Halloween had held up over time. I was on the ednge of my *errr* blanket while watching the movie, currled up in the arms of the 'Italian.' How romantic huh?

If you have never been to the cemetary to see one of the movies they play every summer you have one more chance! On October 23 the movie group called Cinespia will show the classic horror tale CARRIE in the cemetary in honor of Halloween! Carrie was the first ever horror story book I read and was totally enthralled. If you've read the book then you know what an amazing story teller Stephen King is and how real-to-life the book reads. Of course the movie wasn't as good as the book but with Sissy Spacek it was a great movie for the time!

The movie and the cemetary are must see's - either seperately or together. The cemetary is an old treat filled with infamous Hollywood starlets and unknown locales comprised of many Russian Jews and old money from Hollywood yesteryear!

I will post some pictures later of our trip to the cemetary both on MySpace and on here... Stay Tuned!

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