Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's amazing the week I have had. It's also amazing to think that last week I was involved in a relationship with a guy who I thought trusted me through and through - only to have those thoughts quickly diminished by jealousy and and confusion.
The ITalian, who is no more in my social life or social networking services *wink* (literally, he blocked me) decided to take my friendship with Bryant and turn it into a full-fledged bromance. How did he come up with this? Check out the evidence below. For those who are not aware of who Bryant might be, in sort, we became acquaintances through Joseph, my best friend of eight years. Bryant and I have casually known each other for three years but never really became close friends until we went to Mexico for my 30th birthday in November. We truly bonded and had an excellent


Bryant, Joseph, Niccki (our new favorite server at Yard House) all had lunch last Saturday after my rally in Pasadena. Bryant and I have nearly identical bank cards so they were accidentally switched. When I spoke to the ITalian I misspoke and told him that we switched wallets and then corrected myself and told said credit card - it was a mix up and again... I misspoke.


EXHIBIT TWO: THE WORD 'BABY' I guess before I tell you why he thought the word baby was so damn awful I should precede the story with an explanation. When I used to work at the gay Mexican bar called CHICO, I had a boss who always called people 'baby.' He would often use this word if he had no idea what the person's name was that he was talking to. He always recommended that we do the same - and it worked every time, no one ever questioned if you knew their name or not. Words like 'baby,' and 'sweetie,' are common words for me to use however when the ITalian heard me (over coffee) talking to Bryant and ending our convo with take care 'babe,' he was at a loss for words. THIS WAS HIS BIGGEST PIECE OF EVIDENCE!!! He told me that he has only heard me call him baby and now that I have a new baby that I loved Bryant. I barely even remember saying the word because it was so nonchalant but he heard it! I apologized and he kidded for a few minutes - at least I thought he was kidding. I preceded to ask him over coffee if he trust me, numerous times he told me NO! I tried to explain my situation but he did not want to listen, in his eyes I was dating Bryant or doing God knows what. At the end of having coffee I asked him again if he trusted me and he said NO! I just decided to walk home alone with the dog and let him think about the reality of Bryant and I ever being more than friends - ridiculous. To make an already long story short over the next few days he decided to TEXT me and not talk to me over the phone - very sad. He said he was convinced that Bryant and I were dating because we became friends so quickly in Mexico and that we exchanged debit cards and call each other baby. Over the past week he has played the 'text message game' and the 'MySpace game with me' but I refuse to take part. It's truly sad that he is convinced without a DOUBT that Bryant and I are secretly up to something.

I guess the irony in this blog is that the night before we broke up I decided we should go see the movie DOUBT, a movie about a nun's small hunch that the priest of her parish/school was molesting a school kid. While she had no visual proof and some small tidbits of evidence, her biggest piece of evidence was her conviction and primal instinct. The movie was a force to be reckoned with and the acting was superb - far better than any performance in the Benjamin Button movie I saw two weeks ago. In a way I don't blame Roberto for breaking up with me. I asked him numerous times if he truly believed that Bryant and I were secretly dating and he replied YES every time! When someone has that conviction what can you say? The best thing I suppose is to quietly bow out and leave them alone, right? I hope the way I handled the situation was mature and well thought out, I continuously try and check myself and make sure that relationships with guys always end with some positive note, however this didn't happen in this relationship. I hope time heals. My only hope is that Roberto doesn't have the ultimate DOUBT in the end just like Meryl Streep did, that is one true hope sadly!

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