Friday, January 23, 2009


As of late I've been listening to Tracy Chapman a lot! She's always in my playlist because her music continues to be so prolific and pertinent to what this world is going through but I also think that her music is a soulful blend of raw love and raw emotion; very few singers exude this anymore and Tracy does just that!

Her newest album Our Bright Future is one of her best to date, keeping the compact disc permanently in my car's CD system.
If you haven't had a chance to pick it up I highly suggest it, if you fearful on what this $9.99 purchase might entail I promise it's
a melodic journey which is great to listen to in the rain or when you're driving home from work. I think one of favorite songs on the album is called "SOMETHING TO SEE." The chorus: beautifully optimistic, Tracy sings "No war no greed. That would be something to see. I hope I live that long."

The song below, although an older song, is probably one of the best she has ever performed... truly amazing!

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derrick said...

pssh... "fast car" is BY FAR her best song

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