Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last night I interviewed the stars of the new Raging Stallion movie TO THE LAST MAN. While you can buy it directly from Raging Stallions website this epic six-hour movie is a feat for adult entertainment! Premiering at the Regent Showcase Theater on La Brea (down the street from Pinks Hotdogs), the movie was condensed down to only an hour so everyone could view the beautiful cinematography that graces this film! Kudos to all the actors, Ben Leon, Tony DiMarco, and Chris Ward for their accomplishments!

The stars we were able to speak with were: Ricky Sinz, Damian Rios, Scott Tanner, Antonio Biaggi, and Rick Powers. I can't say enough good about Damian Rios (purple button up shirt) and Rick Powers. Actually all the stars were too sweet and accommodating, I can't tell you how nice it is to encounter models who want to be at an event and cooperate with ya... it makes a difference and a lasting impression. Also the Nick Young team owes a special bit of gratitude to Kent Taylor (red shirt) from Raging Stallion who has always been so fucking nice and genuine to me. This guy is an amazing human being and without him our studio, NickYoungXXX, wouldn't have been able to do the interviews!

Thanks to Jon Duede for letting me steal this off his Facebook page... actually he doesn't know just yet! He is always a smile in the crowd who is consistently nice! Thanks Jon...

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The Kruezer said...

Right on Scotty B! I'm totally impressed with this movie (in all of its versions) and I'm calling it an "epic and truly cinematic experience that sets a bold new standard for gay videos".

You and Nick are doing a great job in covering what I call "the unfiltered news that matters", on site with your special L.A. expertise. Rock on!

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