Thursday, January 22, 2009


If someone can get me to laugh at 8:30 in the morning than that person is one of two things: a scholar or a genuinely funny person. The actor/actress Viola Davis I believe is the latter.

Starring in the movie DOUBT along side Meryl Streep, it's not necessarily how long Davis was in the movie but the difference her character made on the movie the short time she was on screen. This morning she was on GMA (Good Morning America) talking with the crew about her nomination for an OSCAR for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie/Drama. In her short interview with GMA she was candid, cute and extremely real. She compared her being in the same scene with Meryl Streep to going 15 rounds with Mike Tyson. She also responded to the fact that at first Oprah wanted her role and directly wrote to the director asking for this role. Can you believe she was turned down? In response Davis says that she was glad that Oprah through her a bone because she needed this job! All last night she said her and her husband couldn't sleep and they kept asking each other if the other was sleeping -NOPE! Finally, the funniest thing was when cohost Robin Roberts told her to expect a lot of phone calls today from family, friends, first, second, third and fourth cousins. Davis laughed and said that she didn't want her third and fourth cousins to call... almost as if they would have some alterior motive, LOL!

If you want something to make your day click on the following link, it will make you smile!

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