Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am guilty of not deeply reading everyones profile or checking all of my friends pictures on Facebook. Not only is it almost impossible to keep up-to-date with all the postings and pictures that are updated daily -sometimes every other minute.
Last night my friend Rossmar posted a random story *or so I thought* about porn in the Los Angeles area. "I'll get to it and breeze over the article to see what it says.... eventually," I thought to myself. Fast forward 12 hours and I have a few minutes before I step out for my morning coffee. I open the article and am shocked that the story wasn't SPAMMED, being sent to 20 of his closest friends *not that Rossmar does this but it's a common occurrence on Facebook and MySpace. I was also shocked that my former place of employment, Cybersocket, was mentioned in the article... totally crazy.

The article is written by popular columnist Steve Lopez and of course has his old-fashioned humor and interjections, keeping the story light-hearted, yet informative.

Click here to read the story:,0,4761196,full.column

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