Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gummy Act

The first day the visitors from Spain came into town they serenaded me with a medley. A medley that had my scratching my head and wondering 'What are these guys on?'

The mash-up I called it was a mix between The Gummy Bears theme song and the song below "I Will Follow." The funniest part was that they were almost certain the two belonged together. The end result was me playing both of the songs to show them that the two are completely different bodies of work. Oh, the other end result was me not being able to get the Sister Act song out of my head, it finally reached a head when I had to play it yesterday on YouTube from my car stereo. Imagine three gay dudes and a pit bull driving down a winding mountain with the convertible top down listening to the Sister Act theme song? Can you imagine that... I know, very scary! I have to admit it was pretty hilarious to hear the boys sing the song in sync and butcher the lyrics. My only wish is that I could have captured the event of them singing it with such hope in their eyes on camera to share... next time!

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gpcrush said...

I was sorta dumbfounded and amused over dinner at the song. Seriously we need to put it on film!


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