Saturday, February 21, 2009


It was leaked days before it was supposed to! Surprisingly KROQ 106.7 came through and debuted 'WRONG,' the new single from Depeche Mode. I've been agonizing when I was going to be able to hear it for weeks now. Sad but true scenario is that I would check YouTube five to six times a day, spending at least 15 minutes each time entering different keywords to find the new song - no such luck, Depeche Mode kept this single a secret right up to the very last minute!

The song was touted as the closest thing to rap that the band would ever get and much to my surprise "they" were so right, the song consists nothing but rhymes. Wanna hear? Click PLAY below to hear the new DEPECHE MODE song that could easily be apart of their album Some Great Reward!

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