Monday, February 16, 2009


When I was in my early teens I was close friends with a girl named Erica. Erica was not only my best friend but she was my first crush of my teen years - in my mind I saw myself marrying her and having a family. The details are too many to list but among my favorites was the book cover (made out of a single paper bag, remember those?) that said 'I Love Erica.' She found it, I flung it across the room and it was never discussed. Over the next decade we became even closer friends and would spend the weekends with each other. She eventually moved an hour away - and when you're without a car that's a great distance - we convinced her parents as well as mine to drive us to each other for one weekend out of the month so we could spend the night at each other's house and live out some crazy weekends, oh I got some stories.

I can recall one weekend we stumbled upon an old Carpenters tape and we played it a few hundred times. One of our favorite songs was 'Close to You.' I can also remember me acting it out, singing it to Erica with fake trumpets and an impromptu microphone which was likely a pencil or something silly like that. The Carpenters have so many romantic songs but this one is how I'm feeling today.

Another song that reminds me of Erica and is the way I feel today is the song by Chicago called 'Hard to Say I'm Sorry.' The album that contains this song was also a favorite of Erica and mine, in fact I believe we wore the tape out and then purchased the CD together. 'Sorry,' was a song that we both liked yet it didn't necessarily mean anything to us - no deep meaning attached, that's what I'm trying to say. I can remember we'd cry and cry and cry listening to the song! I can even remember dedicating song to her on KOST 103.5 one night as a nighttime love song dedication. Yes I taped it and yes I probably have it somewhere in the house *blush*

Do these two songs have a dedication attached to Erica? Not necessarily but I think pretty much speak for themselves and give weight to everyday life experiences and feelings that we all hold onto.

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