Friday, February 20, 2009


It's almost comical how one vague posting on Facebook rallies everyone in the Universe to think that it's about them or referring to them.

Last night, at work I posted a status as 'If it hasn't happened by now, it likely won't.' That wasn't the exact wording but that goes to show how spontaneous the thought was. What did it mean? Lord, I had to explain that to Angela as soon as she saw it - she wasn't sure what to think. For the most part it was related to searching for jobs, putting my resume out there and not receiving any phone calls. When you go a week and hear nothing I think it's safe to say that you're not going to hear anything - or is that a negative thought pattern? I remember telling my friend Daniel that the very thought of his job being eliminated and mentally preparing for it was the worst thing to do.

Actually this week has been a whole lot of thinking and planning for the future and actually on my way to West Hollywood today I had an OPRAH light bulb moment when things click and all of your thoughts kind of connect. Vague? Yes, a tad... I don't want to give too much away but it feels good when your thoughts and reality can connect and you have a great game plan for what to do next in your life. I guess the best hint is to say that I had my weekly (they are turning into weekly now) meeting with Micky's and there are going to be some BIG things moving in that bar. The meeting wasn't everything I wanted but I felt as if it would have been best to sit on my hands and let the show take shape and then try to pull Angel in at a later date. I think it's no big secret that I want Angel involved with Cocktails on a weekly basis but it's going to take planning, funding and strategy to get him on board. No doubt everyone likes the idea but we just need to build up the night and then include him.

This morning at 2 a.m. the North American Tour Dates for Depeche Mode's big 2009 tour was posted online. It's a bit odd how I predicted they'd open up in Toronto. Actually, I didn't predict it I knew they would, there was not an ounce of doubt in my body that they would open up anywhere else but in Toronto. Why? I want to visit the city. I know it sounds funny that I think thats why they decided to open up in that city but I literally convinced myself of it and it happened. (See Daniel, it works *wink*) I have officially planned to see them in Toronto and making a mini-tour of seeing them on the East Coast for the 'Touring the Universe' tour. Fun huh? Crazy? A bit. For their tour information log onto This is not their official site but this one has a lot more information which is 99.9 percent accurate - so check them out

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