Monday, February 23, 2009


No matter how sad I might seem, come Wednesday morning I will be elated when my friends Francesco and Damien are coming to Los Angeles to stay with me for three days! I love playing tour guide with people who are from out of town. Why? Because no matter what you show them you know they will be impressed.

Francesco and I have known each other for years. We first bonded *literally* a few years ago in Vegas. We rode the roller coaster, had dinner, tramped around the AVN Convention and I think we had lunch. When we were both in Chicago we were able to walk around the city with each other the final day we were there. I think we walked for two hours after breakfast - it's nice to reconnect with someone like Francesco, he has always been a sweet man to me and I am so glad to call him my friend.

Damien and I haven't known each other as long as Francesco and I but we speak a lot on MySpace. The picture you seen to the right is one of the first times I met him, I was star struck... now I can careless *wink*!!!! Damien has always been a favorite porn star of mine. I've seen very few movies of his but I think he's a favorite because of his persona. How old am I getting that I think men are more sexually hot when I find out more about their personality?

I remember Jason Sechrest telling me last year that he is more attracted to mind than facial features. I really couldn't identify with him then but now I am in total sync with what he meant - Jason is an old soul that is way too ahead of his time.

I am not sure what Damien and Francesco and I will do while they're in town but they will be taking my room for three days so it's the couch for me - anyone have a spare room? Perhaps they'll let me squeeze in between the two of them *wink*! If you have any good ideas as to where I should take them let me know... I really can't wait to see them!!!!

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