Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have been slacking so much at blogging for you guys that it took me a trip to Starbucks to complete my task of blogging - happy now?

So ever since I left Vegas I have been on this mission to get the new iPhone 3G, 16gb in White. Currently I have the phone in black and it's an 8gb phone however I have come to realize that 8gb is not enough for me - I'm a size queen! Funny that now I need it, when I initially bought the iPhone I didn't need to memory, now I do!

In order to buy the new iPhone I need to sell my current one for as much money as possible. Last night I posted it as $600 and got one email back from a guy that said he was interested but wondered why so much for the phone. You and I know why, to cover the cost of my new iPhone but I had to make up some lies that it was for the inconvenience of buying a new one and my phone having to be turned off for a week... I don't think he bought it, I haven't heard back from him. If I don't get the new iPhone it's no harm to my social being but I wanted the pretty white iPhone.

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