Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today was a beautiful day in Los Angeles. I think that when I eventually move out of LA the weather is one of the things I will miss the most!

My posting today is not going to be about weather - believe me, it's beautiful but not worthy of two paragraphs!! If you've been reading my blog lately you know I've been hooked on funny reporters and the crazy things that happen to them while they're LIVE.

To preface this video I've never been a feline fan. No, not a Celine fan, a cat person. These animals are unpredictable and scary to be around. When I used to work at Cybersocket, my coworker Michelle always told me that in her opinion cats were for people who were independent since cats don't rely on their owner so much she always feels that dogs are for codependent people! Well this video below goes out to Michelle and if you're watching/reading this clip is the reason why I don't f**k with p$%sy... literally or figuratively!

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Necessary1 said...

Just one more reason I love ... cats.
But in all fairness, that cat was telling her that it was mad. Would you hold a dog that's growling at you?

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