Sunday, April 6, 2008


Sometimes cardio is a real bitch!

On Saturday Anna, my coworker and training partner for the Pasadena Marathon, told me that instead of running the Rosebowl that we should opt for running up this mountain in Pasadena. I am up for usually any challenge someone puts infront of me so of course I accepted with a grin when she said we can go as slow as I wanted to and walk if needed. 'Walk?' I thought to myself, lol, I don't walk if I am training for a marathon.

Little did I know that I woudl end up walking the majority of the time uphill. This 2.6 uphill climb was making my lungs beg for oxygen, putting me out of breath faster than ever. I have to say that for the first 30 minutes I was the Little Engine That Could. Unfortunately after that my body was begging for me to slow down and relax. The mountain we climbed was referred to as The Haunted Forest. I can remember in high school we would go up into the woods that surrounded the infamous mountain and drink alcohol. There were so many stories surrounding the woods that the truth was turned into anything but the truth.

After climbing up the mountain we were treated to a historical lesson of how wealthy Pasadena used to be. Check out the picture above, this hotel used to sit on the top of this Altadena mountain. From 1894 until the year 1900, the rich would take the train up the Mount Lowe trail and stay at this well-to-do hotel for $5 a night - $25 a week. Of course, at the time this was a lot of money for the time. This magnificent hotel operated for six years until a fire devasted the entire mountain top, taking out both the hotel and the railroad. That is the short story, however if you hike up to the top the full story, sans how many were killed, if any, is up there. The foundation of the hotel is still up there and the railroad tracks too - so friggin' fascinating!!! Below check out a YouTube clop someone posted of the top of the mountain, you can see the foundation and the reminents of the historic hotel! Another YouTube clip below that is of the old trolley that would take visitors to the top... amazing huh?

After we poked around Anna and I ran down the entire mountain - about 30 minutes to do 2.6 miles downhill!

Today I am so sore, mostly my chest. Anna said in two months I will be able to run all the way up Mount Echo without stopping once - yah, we'll see about that!!! Digressing just a bit, I have become a bit obsessed with Mount Lowe and Echo Mountain in the last 24 hours. This may sound a bit weird but I felt strange when I was up there yesterday; almost as if the history and people who had stayed here from yesteryear were beckoning me and telling me to stay and poke around more. I think I am going to go up there again this week with JJ and take pictures... I can't wait!

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