Monday, April 14, 2008


I am often plagued by my peers and people I have dated as being 'too hard to read.' In my mid-20's I never understood this accusation or assault (as I took it) on my character.

As I approach the big birthday I now understand that I am hard to read at times. I also can appreciate that it wasn't an all out assault on me to try and bring me down, instead it was because the people that told me about this minor flaw truly cared enough to tell me how they perceived me.

I truly appreciate honesty from my friends and the people I date - the first sign of a liar or dishonesty I am outta there, I guess that is why I am completely and brutally honest with my friends and the guys I date.

I also realize that the reason why I am hard to read at times is because it's a sort of defense mechanism to prevent me from either showing that I am too vulnerable or that I like someone a little too much too early.

It's amazing that when you get older you learn and recognize your weaknesses and can improve upon them.

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