Friday, April 11, 2008


On Wednesday I not only ran 9.6 miles but I also hiked 5.4 miles... that's a whole hell of a lot of cardio to do in only a few hours!!!

The run (3X) around the Rosebowl with Anna was pretty incredible - and emotional at the same time. Driving to the arena with JJ as my copilot it instantly hit me that when I run the Pasadena Marathon my mom would not be at the finish line waiting to hug me and congratulate me.

When I ran the Honolulu Marathon in 2002 I remember finishing the marathon and looking for my brother, my best friend Joseph and my mom of course. Have you ever been in a large crowd and were desperately searching for a familiar face? It was kind of like that!

The Pasadena Marathon will not have my mom there but it will have lots of friends there waiting to greet me - hopefully!

JJ ran with Anna and I the first 3.2 miles and then we threw him in the car and finished the remaining miles on our own. What a test of mental and physical strength it is to just run!!! I can remember when I was almost finished my body all of a sudden stopped running and started walking for less than five seconds - it was a completely natural and non-cognitive. I quickly woke up out of my daze and started running to finish the 9.6 miles... I am so proud of me!!!

Next week we are going to do 11 miles - cutting the mileage down by one mile to reduce injury, I think its a good idea and so does Anna!

Afterwards I met up with Johnny Hazzard to go hiking with his new dog. JJ and his dog, Petey, could be brothers - they looked so cute together and played nice too. I couldn't believe JJ walked by Petey side the entire time and was so well behaved. Petey was so well behaved and cute, I told JJ to take notes on how well behaved Petey was acting, hoping JJ would learn some obedience tricks - yah right! I volunteered Hazzard to drop of Petey whenever he needs to, I think JJ and him would make awesome play buddies since they are around the same size and both pit bulls!

Next week we are going to try and go hiking again... I can't wait to run and hike!!!

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