Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Brother Photos Posted!!!

Half of the pictures that we took at the CBS Backlot Party for Big Brother 10 are now posted on my MySpace. I have been reluctant to write about the night in depth because I know hardly anyone cares but I can mention some highlites of the MAGICAL night - yes magical bitches!!

The important people I wanted to meet I gathered up the courage to meet. Mostly those were the winner of BB10 Dan, who wasn't overly friendly to me but Chi Chi says that he was friendly to her so maybe he loves drag queens. What am I saying? Everyone loves a drag queen. Er, maybe not, strike that! Chi Chi said that Ollie wasn't too welcoming! So Dan said 'Hello' to me and was a bit standoffish but you could tell that he is sweet guy... LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!!

I met the gay bull riding champion, Steven as well. I accidentally called him Brian which he got all bent out of shape about for like 30 seconds, but then was sweet as ever. He came back to The Abbey with Chi Chi and hung out, what a genuine guy! Rumor has it that him, Steve Cruz and Johnny Hazzard were fond of each other. Read Chi Chi's blog if you want to know the news.

Libra was fantabulous! Friendly and so friggin' warm! I met others from last season as well but the one I couldn't wait to meet the most was RENNY. I called her America's Favorite Mom! Renny was easily the most popular person at the event. At all times Renny had men and women around her, asking for pictures, autographs, etc...

Renny and I spoke for at least five minutes and she told me to stop by and see her in New Orleans when I am in town, how sweet! When Dee Dee gives me the pictures I will post the rest, and believe me, he has the best ones! Speaking of Dee Dee, she really came through for me. I honestly can't remember a time when I was anymore elated and floating off the floor. While most guests/invitees there had a look of entitlement to be there, I knew that I was so fortunate to be there and I kept thanking Dee Dee for inviting me. Dee Dee, do you read my blog? If you do, I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you again for inviting me... now gimme the pics bitch! =)

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