Thursday, October 2, 2008


Last night my coworker and I were talking about marriage and what makes it work - or not work. Regardless if you are straight or gay, marriage is a tough challenge to make work everyday - and that's not even brining children into the equation.

I shared with Roxanne about my parents marriage and how my dad had a million extracurricular activities and my mother made the deicsion to either join him or stay home - most of the time she stayed home, avoiding the Pomona Gun Show, or the local chapter gun meetings, or his Optimist groups and his yearly Mountain Man Deer Hunting trips. My mother wasn't interested in his gun activities so she decided to stay at home.

Roxanne then asked if my fathers current wife shared any interests with my father and I had to admit that his wife, Jackie, has a lot in common with my father and takes an active part in his social activities. Roxanne commented that their similiarities must make it an easier marriage and more fun then my fathers previous marriage with my mother.

I DISAGREED - bare with me, you will see where I'm going!

I can only remember one fight my parents got into, I was maybe 7 years old. Besides taht fight I can never remember my parents fighting, yelling or not talking because of a disagreement. They had virtually nothing in common except the love they had for one another - that's pretty amazing in my eyes. It goes to show that you can marry someone that you share a million interests with but if the love and mutual respect is not present then your marriage will ultimately fail. My parents are prime example of this!

I hope that came across... what a testament!

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