Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I love when friends from out of town come to Los Angeles to visit. I especially like when people that I haven't seen in forever come to town to visit - like Francois Sagat!

Yesterday he texted me that Jason Sechrest, Chi Chi LaRue and club promoter Paul Nichols are brining him to town to open their party at Apple in the middle of October 15! Francois is not a cheap booking so they are, of course paying TOP BOOKING price for Sagat - as they should! Sagat is the biggest porn star of our time and he deserves the fee he charges. Anyhoo, business aside, I am hoping we can spend some time together and hang out like we did last time he was in town - that was a fun week! I am thinking about Knotts Scary Farm, we will see if Howard Marr approves!

I can't wait to see Francois and Howard. Howard and I had a lengthy conversation last night about the industry and some important issues going on right now. I respect Howard and Francois for the people they are, the image both have maintained and the individual, respectable people they both have stayed. Trust me, it's not easy to do when you are in the adult industry!

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