Monday, October 13, 2008


Did you ever feel like the world hated you? The last few days have felt like it's been on a SHIT ON SCOTT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

From press releases that didn't tell the entire truth, interviews that mysteriously fell through and MySpace messages not being returned, it's hard not to take it personal!

Last week sucked, I hope this week is a tad better!

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The Kruezer said...

You're a great person and a talented writer/interviewer. Right now you are being treated very poorly and unfairly by some, but think of this as a test of your courage and determination. You WILL be vindicated just as I have been with the official Quantcast-JRL Charts certification of my site being in the Top Twenty Gay news news and gossip sites. What can my critics say to that? Likewise I believe you will rise up and prove your critics wrong, just hang in and never back down. I believe in you and your talent. Don't let jealous queens and personality politics slow you down.

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