Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Did you happen to catch The View this morning? If you didn't see it then I suggest you log onto YouTube and find it - it was great television!!! The cat fight was of course four against one, all the gals were at Elisabeth's throat regarding Sarah Palin, and she deserved it.

It got especially heated, leading to a commercial break when Barbara Walters acknowledged Hasselbecks contributions to the show and told her that she loved her being apart of the panel but she asked her why she always defends the Republican ticket and never looks at them critically. Hasselbeck then said that she once said that Obama was a great man. Um, Lis, that's not what Walters was saying!!!! Lis went into Palin Mode and couldn't even answer the questions correctly! They couldn't even show the second clip of Palin not correctly answering Couric's question about what national magazines she regularly reads - check it out below, it's a great laugh! COURIC ASKED THREE TIMES!!!!!!

On a seperate, yet similiar note, Jimmy Kimmel had a funny commentary last night about Palin's jab at Biden's age. He had a few funny one liners but the one that was the most halarious was him responding back to Mrs. McCain's laughing to Palin's joke about Biden's age. Kimmel noted that Cindy is married to a Branchiosaurus. Kimmel is a total stud and him and his writers are pretty ingenious! Joseph Siyam, can we go see Kimmel again?

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