Thursday, October 23, 2008


Did you happen to see Life on Mars tonight? If you didn't, I have one word to describe the episode I saw - UNFORGETTABLE!

Taking up the issue of gay life in the year 1973, I am not saying this show is so dynamic just because they did one episode on homosexuality! I've been watching the show for the last three weeks and all of the episodes have been well written and dynamic, I think ABC has themselves a hit! If you didn't know (because I didn't until I looked it up, but Life on Mars was originally a show over in Great Britain. After it became a success over there then it was brought to America. These days shows seem to travel all over the world being rewritten to suit the country it is being broadcast in. Shows like Little Britain, Kath and Kim, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, and Life on Mars are just some shows that originally debuted abroad!)

Tonight the episode was about gay bashing and gay(s) who served in the Vietnam War. I will not give away all of the juicy details of this episode but if you watch it'll definitely teach you something about tolerance and your choice of words when addressing your fellow man!

Log onto to watch the full episode of Life on Mars, you will surely like!!!

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