Friday, October 3, 2008


The last few days have tested my mental strength on how I handle life. The situations that have come into my daily path I feel are tests from some kind of god in order to prepare me for something greater. I know - that might sound a little off but that's what it has seemed like.

Still trying to maneuver through the storm, I am hoping that I come out of this next week unscathed... to say the least. For the friends that keep up with my daily life: Yes, the money problem is still there. I don't want to put what the 'situation' is on the Internet - YET, but likely will tell the world if the resolution doesn't come by Monday. I won't say much but you will likely read it on one of the daily sites I log onto for 'my community.' It's awful that for almost four months now the situation still doesn't have a resolution and the 'creator' of this problem still doesn't want to budge and just give me what is rightfully mine. UGH!!!

Minutes before all the money issues came back into play, I found a note at my car from a stranger that was probably the sweetest note I've ever found. A stranger had written this letter in Spanish and English saying that my car was leaking gas out of the tank and that it could be extremely dangerous. There was no phone number, or name (I don't think) the only thing that I noticed was a *BE SAFE* on it, which was comforting, even if I was around friends - I guess it was the fact that someone was wishing me well, even if they had no idea of who I was, what political party I was affiliated with etc...

May 2008 coverThe day started out pretty good. I had a list of all the things I needed to accomplish and I had half of my 'need to do' items taken care of. I was in West Hollywood at my friend/boss Douglas' house filming some new stuff for the site he has - I can't say anymore, except it includes the guy you to your left - what a tease I am! We finished recording I went out to my car with Ashley to mail a package for Collin O'Neal *sigh* when I found the letter! After finding the letter I had to call AAA three times, have the Fire Department come out *blazing sirens and all the bells and whistles - literally* and make sure the car was safe to tow and try to fix my problem - and they did!!! The unattractive, yet helpful firefighters patched up the hole in my gas line so I could get home - safely. They didn't advise me driving it but I had no choice. AAA wouldn't tow me with my basic membership - NOTE TO SELF, AND OTHERS, just pay $25 and get the PLUS membership which guarantees you 100 mile tow servivce. I had it the year before but didn't bother to renew it because I never used it - WHAT LUCK!!!!* Driving home I went over a bump which I thought was the end of my life, my heart literally stopped and skipped five beats. I also had to avoid a cigarette flicked out the window of a car - FUCKERS. I could imagine the cigarette spark ignighting my car on fire - that'
s my luck people!

Today, at work I finally got my car towed so the local mechanic could assess the damage of my Mustang - poor baby, he's only ten years old! I hope the damage is not over $500, if it is then I will either need to jump on Rentboy or donate my blood - hopefully I have the blood that turns into cash!

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