Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't care how much fun people thought My House was last night, nothing compared to the first Boys Bruncheon of 2009. The pictures and the people who were at the three hour debauchery feast are all posted on Facebook if you want to see what you missed. Oh! And yes, Jonathan did make a wig out of the cotton candy. I think we'd all agree to say thank you to our hot waiter Ricky and also a big thank you to Jonathan Chang, Jason Ridge, Seth Apper, Angel Benton, Joe Siyam, Dominik Ryder *for making the trip* Kevin Horn, Jay Ponce *soooooo hot*, Lex Sabre, Andy Moore, Josh Griffin, Bobby Trendy, Bruce Vilanch, TBall, David Arias, and ANYONE ELSE THAT CAME TO EITHER PART ONE or PART TWO BUT I FORGOT TO MENTION - that always happens!!!

Next time Dustin Tyner will need to be in attendance and yes we will make sure there is a high chair for him, that's not a problem!

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