Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last night I had the pleasure to accompany my best friend Joe to the Lady GaGa concert at The WIltern theater. Attempting to be uber urban I took the train there. I could never turn down free tickets and I was honored that he picked me out of all the gays that know and love him and Lady GaGa! Lady GaGa, it sounds very proper doesn't it? I love saying it! This is her first headlining tour and along with her she brought the band'The White Tie Affair, ' they just so happen to be one of Joe's favorite bands! The show was over-the-top phenomenal. Joe's band was pretty good, I have to admit that. The lead singer had a great stage presence and it made the music sound that much better. They do sound like a lot of bands out there today so I'm not sure that will get them very far, but I think the two things they do have going for them that will (hopefuly) get them on the radio is their drive and personality - good luck!

Now Lady GaGa was an experience all on its own, in fact I think half of West Hollywood was there to support her, I think you could count how many str8 guys there were to see her on one hand. GaGa also brought out the stars, and not porn stars, I mean Hollywood stars. We say Raven-Symone ( that made my night) and Perez Hilton. There were rumors that Kanye West was there, some rapper by the name of Lil' John(?), plus Diddy, Kelly Osborne, Mika, and a few others.

Anywho, the show was amazing and her energy was spectacular. We happened to meet these three crazy peeps from Los Angeles... names escape me except for Todd, he celebrated his birthday the day before. Todd was a bit drunk and when we bumped into him later at The Abbey it seemed as if he still wasn't calm. Todd and his friends were crazy cool and even introduced me to a cute, str8-ish, porn star - don't worry I have his MySpace *wink*!

Check out GaGa's opening number below, she kicked it off with a very abstract intro that not only shows how many layers GaGa has but how smart she is. Somehow, watching the short film I can tell that it was most likely her concept or she had a role in it - she's smart like that! I think GaGa is taking over the world and with Perez Hilton giving her the new princess of pop crown I think there's no dispute that Britney better watch her back *wink*!

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