Friday, March 6, 2009


When a relationship ends a good friend by nature is supposed to tell their heartbroken friend that is happened for a reason.
In the last four months I've ended a relationship and a casual dating relationship. For reasons most of you know, losing the boyfriend was not a total loss, however losing the other made me pretty sad.

In the last week (or two) I met a guy off line and he has been pretty incredible. It's a bit strange meeting someone new and getting to know them. No matter how hard you try, there is always the tendency to compare the guy to the one before.
This guy is completely different from anyone I've ever met. Am I happy? Well we're just dating so no, I'm not completely happy just yet - I don't know him well enough to make that statement. It's hard not to text the guy I was dating before and tell him that it sucks not laughing with him - we did that a lot. Funny, I didn't laugh that much with my ex boyfriend. Yesterday was probably the closest I have been to text messaging him, however I deleted it. I know he thinks about me but for some reason he has issues that prevent him from committing and pursuing a serious relationship - that makes me sad the most.

The thing that's the best right now between myself and the guy I've gone on three dates with is that we are getting to know each other but are still strangers and haven't revealed many of our stories yet. As of right now I know he has a daughter and he knows I work in the adult industry but there are so many more things I want to wait to tell him, so many emotions he can't have. Emotions and feelings I gave the previous guy and felt robbed from when I was dropped.

True, things do happen for a reason and I've realized that I have to be more guarded with my heart - it's not for everyone.
And in a way it's my fault for sharing it with some guy I classify as nice. Maybe my friend Kenny is right, I often do tend to
classify any Joe as being 'nice.'

Thanks for reading... talk later!

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