Saturday, March 14, 2009


On the way home last night form the concert and clubbing with Joe I was feeling hungry. Most of you know that I've interjected a spontaneous diet into my life to get a bit more fit for summer time. Driving home I had the 'fuck-it' urge to drive through Taco Bell and order a small burrito - I was craving something salty (please no jokes), otherwise I would have just went home and had a choco-protein shake. Getting ready to order I pulled up to the window after waiting for the car in front of me to take what seemed like forever to order and then *POOF* the menu light turned off and the Taco Bell employee told me that they were closed for the night. I looked at my clock and noticed it was 2:02 a.m.!!!

What did I end up doing? I could have easily done a quick U-turn and drove through El Pollo Loco or Jack in the Box, but instead I drove home and made a small chicken salad with some salsa - I'm very proud of myself!!!

Speaking of my diet, since I've been on my new diet kick I've learned a lot about my body, things that opened my eyes about how I eat. The major discovery is that when my body says "I need salty food, rather than candy." It is not saying that it needs a mass quantity, instead it just needs a little nibble of something to satisfy my craving. Interesting discovery I think, and for now on it will change the way I consume food!

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