Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have to give myself props when I see fit and last night I looked extremely hot. Sound too conceited? I hope not because I would never bestow such a compliment on myself unless I saw fit - and last night was that kind of a night. Yes I was at Eagle, not the hottest guys usually frequent there, however tonight, for some reason there were so many hot studs there that I would have considered taking home.

Tj, Chris, myself, and their friend from Seattle, Troy, ventured out to the Silverlake to first enjoy dinner at a new restaurant called Desert Rose, and then jump over to Eagle for their twice monthly club called 'Meat Rack.' The restaurant was pretty amazing - the wine list is elaborate (two points) and the menu is not too extensive (we like that.. too many choices just confuses us). We admired the fact that we had numerous people come check on us throughout the night - extra attention is always nice, it makes you feel warm and welcome, even if you don't need anything.

We hurried to The Eagle to miss the line and meet Cruz - however Cruz ended up calling in sick, so he took a raincheck! The Eagle was decorated festively with shamrocks that looked like penis': just imagine two of the side leaves to look like testis and the middle leaf protruding to look very *clearing throat* phalic. Sorry, that's the best I can do with that description.

At the Eagle we saw pretty much everyone: Moses, Derrick, Topher, Frank, Stefano, Ryan, Steve, Dean, Jeremy Lucido, Marcos, Jason Ridge.... to name a few.

An incident happened midnight that made me nearly throw up so I had to jet and leave the club, but the three hours I was there was extremely fun and I was a hottie there, everyone seemed to like my shirt and the way I looked - PROUD OF MYSELF!

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