Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If you have attempted to date a guy twice and twice it never worked out should you try to be his friend a year later?
I received a call from a guy who was accidentally invited to the Boys Brunch on Sunday, he called to say hi and thank
me for the invite and to catch up. UGH... I invited him? LOL, he shares a name with a coworker of mine I quickly realized and
that's why the text when to him, DOH!!!

I've actually decided to befriend only one guy who I've dated time and time again. We met up for the first time a month or so ago at the Eagle and we got along great, however we have years of history and not having Cruz in my life is not as much fun as when he's in my life. Cruz is like my war buddy and now I know we can be friends with no hidden agenda.

I have no problem being friends with guys I've dated in the past but it's a bit confusing whether a guy who you've dated is calling to test the water again or just to be your friend - hmmm, maybe that's why Cruz was so skeptical of meeting me last month - either way I feel like he knew I had only good intention. This other guy I'm a bit hesitant in calling him. Yah, he helped me out when I first got my dog and he knew just what to say and for me to do when I was at my weakest moment, ready to hand my dog back to the Pasadena Humane Society however I don't want to complicate my life any further. I've given it a few days thought and I will likely return his call today to be courteous.

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