Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What exactly would happen if I was to die right this second? That's the question I ask myself over and over again when I watch the show 'Six Feet Under.' Is it a good time to watch a show of this magnitude if those thoughts are going through my head? Why the hell not in my opinion. I can remember in 2004 when my mom passed away if you would have asked me what was on the forefront of my mind almost everyday it would have been: when I was going to die, and how okay I was with the fact that if I died that very minute I'd be happy. Not to be too morbid but I wasn't depressed or harboring any anger to the extent that death was a viable option, because I wasn't thinking about suicide at all. Instead I was okay with the fact of dying from an accidental death or when my time was up - either way I knew that I would be with my mother and totally happy.

Did I want to die? HELL NO!!!

The show 'Six Feet Under,' takes a very dark humor approach to death and is highly suggested viewing material by me if you missed it the first time around.

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