Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This past week I've had some trouble sleeping and I'm starting to get a bit worried. I've met numerous people who tell me that they control their sleep patterns by medication but I'm not sure I want to go that route - however it's getting to the point where I just might have to. I do have a lot on my mind but one of my coworkers suggested it could just be the time change and I should give my body a week or two get used to it. I've never had 'issues' before falling asleep or getting enough sleep come Spring time, then again I'm not getting any younger and these problems *and more* will likely keep arising as I get older.

Another coworker of mine has been having trouble also. She shared with me that it helps when she puts on a mediation compact disc and listens to it. I asked her what the sounds were and she said chimes and rain mostly - I couldn't imagine a voice mediating me to sleep. She said the raindrops made her sleep, instantly I thought of the song below and inquired if the song was included in the mediation CD, LOL, as a joke! Enjoy the comical, yet cute song. But in all seriousness does anyone have any advice to get better ZZZZ's?

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