Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last night before I went to bed I logged onto Ebates.com which quickly linked me up to iTunes so I could purchase the new Kelly Clarkson album. If you haven't heard of Ebates I highly recommend you check it out. Ebates pays you cash to shop online, for instance I received 3 percent cash back from buying the $13 Kelly Clarkson album - some sites pay up to 25 percent cash back just by going through Ebates.com. Ebates has thousands of vendors including Macy's, Abercrombie, The Gap, Magazines.com and so many more. Just yesterday I received a $10 gift card to Target, just for being a member... pretty ingenious, Suzie Oreman would be extremely proud!!!!

I can't wait to pop in the new Kelly Clarkson album and give it a go. When it was leaked online a few weeks ago I couldn't find it so I had to wait, fortunately I received an advance listen from Kelly's record label, thanks to Joe. I listened to a few songs and was surprised at the great songs - very Kelly Clarkson, formula driven but that's what works for her so as long as the lyrics are good and the songs remain popish than why not subscribe?

An album that I bought a few months ago and I'm just getting into is 'Hercules and the Love Affair.' If you're hesitant than check out the video I posted below from YouTube. 'Hercules,' is a disco-eccentric band comprised of Antony Hegarty from 'Antony and the Johnstons,' and some other rather unknown musical geniuses. The album is at first tough to comprehend because of the old school beats used to layer the songs but after a few listens the album becomes infectious and great to workout to.

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