Thursday, July 31, 2008


The earthquake that struck on Tuesday was a throwback to when I first experienced the ground shake in 1987!

It doesn't matter that this time around I was sitting on my bed working while Petey and JJ were asleep on the floor just before the earthquake struck just before noon, what does matter is how many memories came back to me after the house stopped shaking!

I remember the earthquake of the 80's like it was yesterday, I was sitting at the kitchen table early in the morning eating a Pop Tart (I'm almost positive it was a chocolate flavored Pop Tart) watching some random television show before my mom took me to school. When the house started to shake I remember my mom screaming "I knew it was going to happen!" I can't remember if she told me to get under the table or not - granted I had never been in an earthquake so didn't know what the normal protocol was for such an event. I remember walking into my mom and dads bedroom and my mom was in the middle of folding laundry and she kept telling me how she knew it was going to hit, that she had a gut feeling - strange huh? After that day I never doubted the power of my mom... to me, she was psychic!

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