Sunday, July 27, 2008


I usually never go against my word! In the event that I do, silence usually follows up actions because of shame - LOL. My words aren't to be taken so serious, I am referring to the new iPhone and the promise I made to myself over a year ago to never wait inline for a cell phone again!

When the first EVER iPhone came out I did stand in a two hour line to get the new gem!
The iPhone was an incredibly sought after gadget that displayed a lot of firsts for telephones. Touch screen, an elaborate iPod incorporation into the phone... I don't think I have to go into detail, we all know the amazing capabilities of the iPhone. After I waited in that line I told myself I wouldn't need to wait in another line because I had the ULTIMATE phone.

Fast forward 365 days (and some change) and there I am in front of the Pasadena store at 9 a.m. in the morning with Laura! I told Laura I had watched the daily lines for the past two weeks outside the Apple store stretch down the street with desperate gadget nerds waiting to get the new iPhone. I personally didn't think there would be a huge demand - almost everyone with ATT has the freaking phone! What I didn't know was all the people that either wanted to upgrade their old iPhone or wanted to become a member of ATT to be apart of the iPhone revolution!

For weeks I had walked/drove by the lines for the iPhone and I laughed at the fools who stood in line for a phone that has predecessor and doesn't have any huge breakthroughs.

Laura and I braved the line and when it was time to get my new iPhone I had to convince the Apple clerk or "genius" and the ATT operator that I never received a discount on my monthly account. For some reason there was a stipulation for buying the phone in the Apple store that you couldn't currently be receiving any discounts from ATT. I am not sure why but it was something to do with Apple activating the phone in store. When I called the ATT operator she said that it was a government discount because I worked for either the state of California or the Federal Government - and I do neither!

Thankfully I got the operator to take the discount that I was never receiving off (I guess I was receiving the discount before I got the iPhone a year ago but with the original iPhone discounts weren't offered!) and told me to call the following day and have the discount put back on! Yes, for now on I get 15 percent on my bill!!!

All in all the new iPhone is amazing and I sold my old iPhone for $200 on Craigslist! Turns out the original iPhone is in high demand because it's easy to unlock! I posted the iPhone on Craigslist on Tuesday night and have received over 100 messages asking to buy my phone. The Apple Genius says that he received $350 for his 8g iPhone but mine was only 4g and I had a nearby buyer so I decided to go with $200 and get it sold. It sucks cause five days later I am still receiving emails from people begging to buy my phone!!!

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