Saturday, July 5, 2008


Life has been a rollercoaster lately... did I say that last blog?

If I haven't now I am. It seems that lately one day is about as bad as it can get (of course I'm imbellishing a tad) filled with depression, troubles, no money and a lot of stress. The next day I feel like I rule the world, it's literally at my feet and nothing could get in my way - HELL, even pumping gas feels good. That is how I feel today... I should remember this day incase I have a bad day again.

Today I woke up and the dandelions (above) I had planted over a month ago grew a few inches, the veggies: Better Boy Tomatoes and cucumbers (below) that I planted last week grew an inch or so - it's all about progress - and the grass seems to be taking just a little bit!

To top it off this weekend, actually the past two days have been pretty amazing. I didn't spend it shopping, spending an extravagant amount of money or in some luxurious hotel room. Intead I spent it with my good ole' friend Moses, I forget how much fun I have with him everytime we hang out... it always gets better and better. I think we have more fun now then we used to have. Maybe it's because we're older... eh, who knows I just know that him and I love each other and enjoy its others companies!

I feel extremely optimistic even though I have been sadly single the last few years. It seems that lately I have been sad and just mourning for a boyfriend... is that pathetic to admit? Who the fuck cares... you have to remember that I am not living the Erik Rhodes method of blogging: write as if no one is reading. He never actually said that in his blog but he writes as if it's so. Have you read his blog yet? WOW, he puts Brandon Baker to shame on honesty and drug use!!!


Last night was probably the most busiest night I've ever seen at Beckham Grill (my part-time serving job). I was so crazy busy that at one point I socked the aluminum slide that the food sits on before it goes out to the table. Don't get me wrong I made lots of cash but my service was pretty lousy and the customers I had were pretty lousy too, fuckin' assholes! When I got home last night I decided to do an impromptu meeting with this Asian guy that I met online. It was really late but I figured I wasn't tired and he appeared to be cute so why not? He lived in Pasadena and the house was more like a mansion. We had a great conversation and talked for over an hour. Did we play? Yes, we did. I can't remember the last Asian guy I have messed around with but hey he was hot and I've had a dry month and was incredibly miserable because of a 'certain guy' that has been on my mind. Is that a lame excuse? I limped in my door around 3 a.m. and went right to bed. Oh yah, I said limped, lol, the guy - Woody - had a bunch of stairs in his three story house and I fell down a few - it hurt!

I only had a few hours sleep before my work phone started ringing off the hook. The ringing was not people calling, instead it was my boss, Collin O'Neal, emailing me my days itinerary. I rolled over, looked at the phone and knew today would be crazy "OYE VEY!" As much as I tried to close my eyes I knew that wouldn't happen "RING RING," there goes another email. I rolled back over, grabbed my heavy laptop and checked the emails. DAMN, I HAVE TO GO TO CHATSWORTH TO PICK UP SOME POSTERS FOR OUR NEW MOVIE SERBIA!!!

"JJ, let's go for a drive!" The dog and I piled in the Mustang and set out for a two hour drive! Call Angela, call Joseph, call the travel agent and book my Puerto Vallarta trip (there goes $850) call dad, call brother. After all the calling and checking emails I was back in my hometown running around the city mailing SERBIA out, buying lunch, going to two different UPS stores and finally headed home.

-RING, RING - What??? My friend left a message telling me that her Aunt has cancer. I shed a few tears and decided not to call her back and offer my sympathy - that was the last thing I wanted when I found out my mom had cancer. I thought to myself "I'll wait a few days and then call her." I don't like hearing about cancer and especially hearing my friend cry - she is too beautiful to cry... and pregnant!

I came home and worked, took phone calls and worked even harder! SORRY ANGELA I CAN'T WORK FOR YOU, WORK CALLS!

I decided to take an hour to myself and visit Home Depot. Of course my boss(es) called me numerous times during my hour trip to the Depot but I was able to buy a watermelon plant for my garden, a white picket fence, make some keys and some Annual (cheap) flowers. I had to get home, my ex (well we dated briefly) Jose was headed over to hang out and maybe grab some dinner. If Jose was a bottom and more mature I'd be into him. Don't use the N-word please... I hate it!!! I hate the word and I don't want people to use it. I always tell him that... GROW UP and its not cute to use that word!!!

Olive Garden was good, probably my first time there in 10 years. Jose suggested it and I had the Tour of Italy - YUMM!!! Cute white boy waiter was there, I imagined raping him in the bathroom - is that bad? Jose and I exchanged stories of guys who have previously screwed us over... it was nice to vent to Jose. As immature as he is I like the fact that him and I can talk as friends even though we play(ed) and there is not weird feelings between us - JOSE IS HOT BTW!

Now I am laying with my dog after deciding that MJs is not a good idea - Tony is probably there and I can't see him yet... still a bit pissed. Okay, its time for bed, how is this blog Derrick????

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fatenoir said...

how come you NEVER call me :( im still just a domestic phone call away *sniff*

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