Monday, July 28, 2008


It's been a while since I've written about my dog, JJ! He has his own picture folder on MySpace but hardly is mentioned on my blog, sorry pup!

I've been dog sitting the past few days for my good friend Johnny Hazzard ( Make sure you check out his website and become a member, he's a worthy star to be a fan of and a good guy to boot! I first met Johnny at Fubar in West Hollywood when Chi Chi LaRue had her Wednesday night club Dirty Deeds every week.
I was relatively new to the industry and I don't think I knew Chi Chi very well yet, or maybe I did, not sure! My bud TJ obsesses over Johnny and I think we were going to meet there but that didn't happen. I remember meeting Johnny and then calling TJ so he could talk to his porn idol... ever since then we've been pretty good friends. The thing what I like most about Johnny is that he's an honest person with a good work ethic. I love to be around people that have a good energy around them and he is just that!

His white pit bull mix pup Petey, above, has been here since Saturday with JJ and they've been (sorta) getting along. Here's the deal, JJ love to play and Petey doesn't really want to. JJ gets too crazy and Petey has to put JJ in his place, I am behind Petey 100 percent.

Do you see how crazy and involved I have become with these two?? Here are some pictures that I've captured from their days together... they are so crazy!!!
The picture above is of JJ and Petey after they both got into trouble. I made them lay down where they were at that point and told them not to move. The funny thing, if you notice, is the placement of JJ's tail. It rested on Petey's face and it didn't move for the next several minutes until they were done with their timeout!

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