Thursday, July 31, 2008


How come every time I date a guy I get shit on? Are there any nice guys left in Los Angeles? I am starting to realize that another reason why I want to leave LA is because of the men that live here - THEY SUCK!

So after getting fucked over by the cute Latin boy I was dating a few months ago - (Ang, I won't even write his name!) I decided to go on a date with a dude from my past... I think I've blogged about this already. Saturday night he cancelled on me because he had to work late. I was sad because A.) I blocked out the night to spend with him and B.) His cousin called to tell me because he left his phone at home - UH HUH!

I was let down but eh, oh well... thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes right? WRONG!! The dude told me that he wanted to take me a restaurant close to both of our places on Thursday, which is tonight! Well, right now I am at home in my pajama's at 10:30 so guess where my story is headed? Yup today he TEXTED me... YES, TEXTED me to tell me that he was canceling because he was too tired.

This instantly reminded me of Carrie from Sex and the City getting broken up by a Post-It note (see below)! I told Angela that I would let him call me and explain himself (since he was the one that cancelled) of course when he didn't call I had to call him and left a message letting him know that this is twice I've blocked out time to spend with him and this is the second time he's cancelled!! So yah, I am the Carrie and he plays the Burger role - take a bow!!! I have to admit that I am starting to take rejection in stride and really just deal with it... who's next, bring it on, I think my heart can take it - OYE VEY!!!

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