Friday, July 11, 2008


I really shouldn't complain. Working at Beckham Grill I make pretty good money. Almost daily I walk with enough money to pay one or two bills for the month, anything over $70 dollars for three hours worth of work is okay. Now porn stars and hookers might snicker but eh, that's okay! If you speak to Brandon ( he has broken it down to how much he makes by the minute when he escorts - you go boy!!!

Today was one of those days when nothing and no one came into the restaurant, I literally had three tables and walked out with a little more than $23 dollars... yah I wasn't too pleased.

After work I walked by the Apple store and saw six or seven losers waiting outside the store in the humid weather for the new iPhone... what a bunch of freaks!

I went to the gym after and saw the Italian/Latin guy who has a bunch of tattoos on his arms and back - he's very hot! Slender and inhabiting a little bad boy attitude, he is so friggin' hot but I am pretty sure he plays for the opposite team. Actually there are a bunch of guys I wouldn't mind playing with at the gym. I need to be more obvious at the gym so these str8 boys (who think they're str8) can pick me up!!! I need/want some locker room sex... YUM!!!

I am waiting for my Angel to get here (it's 1:25 and he finishes go go dancing at Fubar at 1.) He told me that he'd spend the night tonight and I am hoping that tomorrow he'll help me finish bagging the last few things before the termite people get here... that would be nice! Okay, maybe i should close my eyes for a few minutes!

Good night guys!!

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