Sunday, July 13, 2008


I need to talk about the pool party that I went to yesterday for a minute or two. For a brief second let's forget the stressful weekend that has unfolded and am so thankful to my friends for being there to listen to all my crying and complaining... THANK YOU!

Yesterday Moses and I went to this pool party in Whittier where the majority of the pool parties are held for the gay scene nowadays. This was to benefit this Whittier Project for Gay Men. Basically the group is a forum to talk about issues within the gay community. The admission was $25 but I didn't mind, the booze was free, there were some cute boys, the company was great and the money went for a good cause! I've been to this house numerous times, however the last time I was there was about a year ago with Mister Sagat, I took him to a pool party while he was in town... I think we had fun! LOL

Yesterday the party was a lot of fun and as usual I was one of the only white people in attendance. I believe there were four white guys and that's it. I generally prefer to be the only one but eh, I guess that's unrealistic!

I met a lot of good people at this BBQ and had a wild ride! I even bumped into this one guy I used to have a crush on back in the day - until my friend Gary boned him and there went that! I remember the dude telling me "I'd hang out with you but your friend and I hooked up and it might be uncomfortable." That was three or four years ago and I am sure there is a time limit on feeling "uncomfortable." I believe this guy has a boyfriend now and they are doing the 'independent thing' as close sources to me have mentioned. If anyone remembers my psychic reading a few months ago I am not ruling anything out, nor am I putting all my chickens in one basket (or is it eggs?)

Hmmm, now was it eggs or chickens? Well there's something I can think about for the rest of the day.

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