Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's been so crazy I haven't had time to blog. I start a blog and then I delete it half way through... yah, it's been that busy! My personal life isn't that crazy but my work life is a bit out of control. Let me explain...

Work: I am still working for Beckham Grill in Pasadena but that's extremely slow right now. In the summer time people don't want to eat prime rib, steaks and heavy food that goes along with that kind of good shit! The money I make is good because the server count on any given night has been reduced but I've been taken from five and six shifts down to three shifts... sucks huh?

I am also still working for Collin O'Neal helping him distribute, market and sell his World of Men series! We just came out with SERBIA two weeks ago (which you can purchase now on and it's selling quite well.

I also started helping my friend Nick develop his site called - for those of you that aren't familiar, Nick was a huge porn star a few years ago but decided to do behind the scenes stuff and work for the magazine Cybersocket. Fast forward a few years later he is back to his roots and has a cool site that is slowly being developed with a lot of good content. I am contributing weekly interviews with the hottest porn stars out there asking questions you want answered!!! So far it's a lot of fun!!!

It's been incredibly hard to maintain a blog lately, not only because I have been keeping myself busy but also because I find the summer makes me perpetually exhausted - mentally! I feel as if the sun is raping me and all my energy, I don't feel the need to comb my hair or look pretty like I usually do... is that bad? I think I need to get on some uppers. I've heard of people depressed and sad in the winter time but the summer time should motivate you to get out in the sunshine and be active... this summer has shown to be the opposite for me.

I just started dating a guy who is a blast from the past. Yes, if you read my blog then you know the psychic was correct. It's funny because I've met several guys from my past in the last few months but the psychic says that the first two are not "the ones" I should be with - sorry Jay!!! Dayum, I was a bit upset that it wasn't Jay - I mean he has a boyfriend but he is such a nice guy and too cute. Last night I had to finally breakdown and tell Jay how I felt about him - over text of course. We had a day long text fest occur and then I had to finally tell him that if he was single he'd be mine... maybe in the future, ya never know! But what I do know is that his boyfriend seems totally sweet and is a cute white boy - beautiful blue eyes!

The guy I started seeing is a blast from my past, as I previously mentioned and the psychic seems to agree that he is the one that I will date for the time being. He says that another guy with the letters "J", "D" or both of those letters will come into my life and interrupt the dating/relationship I am having. I wonder if Jay's middle name has a "D" in it!!! LOL

Tomorrow is our second official date, while our first date was more of a catching up and re-getting to know each other at a local Thai restaurant in Pasadena. Wish me luck tomorrow, dating is so much of an effort!!

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