Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am not sure how many people reading your blog a day actually make you 'cool' or an 'in-demand' blog but my most recent post garnered 120 hits. Whether 120 people actually took the time to read my blog posting - even though they didn't bother to comment - doesn't really matter.

In the last 24 hours life has been crazy and I can't wait until next week when the termite tenting is over and work slows down just a tad.

I didn't mention this last night but I am reconsidering and actually going to buy the new iPhone that hits stores on Friday at 8 a.m.. At first I was not going to give in and get a phone that is mildly different than the current one I have but two factors swayed my decision. First off a cook at my job wanted to buy it for $50 (shit, do ya think I could have gotten more for it?) plus the job has noticeably slowed down, isn't as responsive to my touch as it used to be. Oh, there was this rumor when I first got the phone that after 350 plus charges you would have to send the phone in for a replacement battery, and while that hasn't happened yet I don't want to have that happen to me - and besides I am glad that someone has offered me money for the phone, most just throw their cells in drawers and reap no money for them. True, the phone initially cost me $540 and five months later I received the $100 rebate. When all is said and done I payed $440, which equals out to a little over a dollar a day to use the phone - not bad, right?

Overall I loved my year use of the iPhone. The phone is nothing short of amazing and the new iPhone will hopefully be even more handy! Below are some of things I have read will increase my happiness with the iPhone:

1. Speakers are louder
2. GPS... real GPS
3. Sound is clearer
4. 3G over the archaic Edge OS.
5. The backside is prettier.
6. The phone *8gb* I am buying is only $199 so its not that big of an investment in case the next iPhone comes out in a years time about .50 cents a day - yup, half the price of my initial investment!

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