Monday, July 14, 2008


I woke up this morning at 5:45 a.m., bright and early ready to go home!!! This weekend was filled with so much highs and lows I couldn't wait to just get home and begin 'normal life.' Right now I am waiting for the gas guy to come and turn it back on - waiting is the hardest thing sometimes, I think we can all relate to that quote in some way or another.

Actually, come to think about it - waiting is the hardest thing - can sum up my life lately, and I mean about this weekend, a relationship, my career, and my future. Hmm, that's one thing to think about and grow on. I'm going to move on and get back to 'waiting' later on!

Yesterday I took off of work because I needed it. There was a lot of family bullshit going on this weekend and Sunday off really helped ground me and take a few breathers without having to stress about going to work. Walking the dog, blogging a bit and hanging out with Moses was pretty much the extent of my Sunday - it was so nice I was so thankful that Angela covered my shift. If you're reading this Angela... THANKS, MY SUNDAY WAS BEAUTIFUL THANKS TO YOU!!!

Moses and his boyfriend rescued me and took me to Jay's birthday party in Silverlake. We arrived around 5 and there were a handful of people there playing air hockey, eating, drinking, meeting old friends and strangers. Jay seems to have a lot of friends from various backgrounds which is very cool. I am the same way but his friends were so eclectic I found it interesting. Derrick, Moses, Robert and I got into a little circle and talked about a range of topics and I have to say that every time I hang out with Moses boyfriend I like him more and more, I mean c'mon how can you not like a guy who loves Candyland????

There's this guy that I've been talking to for a few months now casually and he was there too. He is a friend of a friend and seems like a good guy to hang with and maybe go on a few dates too. Relationship material? I don't know, he seems pretty grounded and mild mannered but I guess I should go on a date with him before, huh?
Derrick texted me that he wanted to know all the details on our fun since the guy and I are both TOPS. LOL, needless-to-say Derrick was disappointed that I just came home and was a good boy. Sorry Derrick!!!

We left the party and went by The Eagle to meet up with TJ and Chris... that was fun - enough *wink*!

I so deserved this day, actually I deserved this fun weekend with all the added stress was incorporated!!!

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