Saturday, October 27, 2007


These last few days have been very adventurous for me. Typically my Thursday nights are not that eventful, and I guess the same thing could be said about my Friday nights too!

Thursday my company Cybersocket hosted a party at Rage for the first ever GayVn Webmaster Retreat at the Rennaisance Hotel in Hollywood. Bringing together the industry professionals from across the States, I had a feeling the party would be a success - usually all parties that we host are. I was very excited to attend these parties for a number of reasons: one being that it would be my last official Cybersocket party as me acting as EIC, second: a former coworker and now friend of mine Jose was going to be at the party (he's technically straight, but we still love him - and he works for Randy Blue now, behind the camera!!) and finally because Tommy D was going to be there too!

Before the party I drove over to Brandon Baker's house to shower and shave, and if I haven't said this before I love going over to his Porno Palace (as he calls it). When you're at Brandon's house you might as well be at home because that is how he makes you feel. When I got there I was so impressed with the new entrance of his building. Called "The Victor" they made the entry look like a Hollywood hot spot - I believe he blogged about it a few months ago but I hadn't been there since the remodel! Brandon was sweet, he assumed that I was spending the night so he got blankets and pillows out for me and was genuinely dissapointed when I told him that I couldn't sleep over. Rusty has been out of town and so he deserves to have his privacy I think!

If you've ever been to Brandon's swanky studio then you know that taking a shower is a 24/7 party. When you get in the shower there is a disco ball right above you (check out the photo to the left) and he has all sorts of different shampoos, body washes and conditioners you can play with while you're in the shower as well.

Brandon also let me borrow a Sailor top for a party I am going to tonight! Stay tuned for the pictures... we're going to have lots of fun!

Okay, I have so much to talk about regarding Tommy D and his friends!
Tommy and I were able to hang out on both Thursday night and Friday night. Thursday was only briefly since one of his fellow models got a tad sick (he shall remain nameless but he knows who he is) after drinking way too much! Tommy left early so I ended up hanging out with his behind the scenes bud "Marcus". Marcus was only 18 but very mature for his age - and hot for a white boy! Looking more like an Abercrombie model than anything else Marcus and I got to talking about his life and his background. After we had enough of the party we took off around 12:30 to go over to The Eagle in Silverlake. Thursday night it is the wet underwear contest and felt that if we could get him in then he'd have no problem winning the contest!! With his almost crystal eyes and knockout features he was a shoe-in ( I will post some pictures if anyone got some of us.)

When we arrived to The Eagle they were carding and didn't let him in. Two guys suggested we go over to MJ's,which was a great idea because it was Jason Sechrest's porn show night so that's where we went, however I didn't want him drinking at an establishment that was 21 plus! It was bad enough that he was in the bar when he was underage but I didn't want to incriminate the bar anymore by having a underage guy drinking beer - I suppose I was trying to pick the lesser of two evils!

I ended up taking him back to his hotel, but not before we sat in my car and just talked for like 30 minutes about each others lives. No there was no indecency on my part or his. This kid is going through a lot and is not quite sure if he likes men or women, I didn't want to try anything and get him anymore confused. I believe he told me that he did a few things with guys but it was all GFP.

I wish him the best and I hope he keeps in contact with me - I know I will try my hardest to keep in touch with him. It is crazy but virtually all the Next Door Male models I have met I have become pretty good friends with - I guess that's a testiment to Stephan and the company he has built - kudos, kudos!!!

Friday night was also a good time, I am really glad I got to see Tommy again and spend some quality time with him. I will write about that tomorrow... I gotta jet to this Halloween party. Have a good night and as always... Stay Tuned!!

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filmfanatikk said...

I finally made it to Jason's show. Too bad you didn't actually make it in. You and your straight boys...........LOL

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