Friday, March 21, 2008


I often don't talk about my sex life and personal life in this blog. Well, I don't talk about my sex life because there isn't one and my personal life (i.e. - relationships etc...) because I haven't had a relationship is quite a long time.

I have received some emails asking me if I ever date, who my last boyfriend was and who I have been 'courting' if you will. Many of you already know who my crushes are. Let me clarify crushes for you too, lets not be unclear. What I mean by crushes is they are innocent and will likely never EVER be anything else than a crush. I don't think I even have to say who my crushes are on because the people that know me understand that the few people I blush for are either: straight, taken, or live way too far, and with that ENUFF SAID!

The last person I recently dated did not end too well, of course I will keep his name private, and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I think we can all agree sometimes our ego can get bigger than life itself at times and we need someone to feed the ego with compliments, affection, phonecalls and sometimes cute text messages to let the other person know they are being thought of... this never happened, so of course my ego was shot to shit! Most of my friends know I am not a fan of text messaging as a means of constant communication. Two of my pet peeves is when someone text messages me to cancel something or when they text message me to apologize for something. The standard "I'm Sorry" text message is so rude in my opinion and how do I know? I am guilty of it, I have done it to people in the past and when it was done to me it didn't feel so good and truly apologetic.

Am I dating someone right now? NO, I'm not. Am I talking to someone right now? Yes, I am! Although there has only been one outting and one brief encounter at his work he seems like a guy I would like to get to know more and possibly invest more time in. I think it's truly important to know if the guy you are dating is worth getting to know, don't you agree?

Okay, time to shave, let's talk later!

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