Monday, March 3, 2008


Even if I am technically writing this on Monday, the title of this blog should be called SUNDAY SUNDAY just because yesterday was so intense.

You see, my bud Dustin Tyner and I started having these Boys Bruncheon parties a few months ago and our second one was yesterday at Saddle Ranch in WeHo. The first was at the Sofitel Hotel's 'Rock n Roll Brunch,' and while it was a fun time, the brunch had small portions, and a big tab to go along with it... not necessarily my cup of tea.

Yesterday we had about 35 guys there to sit down, break bread and have bottomless mimosas. We all arrived there at 11 a.m. and it was not very because most likely because of the Los Angeles marathon that dominated the city. Unlike when we had my breakfast brunch at the same location the amazing staff set up six tables up for us almost immediately and got us seated and drinking. I believe a good time was had by all and it was also cool that the table behind us was 20 gay guys celebrating two birthdays - yah the entire restaurant was overwhelmed by gayness. Funny, there was this one bitch of a bartender who wasn't being the friendliest to us and at one point we saw her just glarring at our two parties with a nasty, smug face - BETCH!!

After half the group drove down to The Abbey to have more drinks. Oh, we also visited Fiesta Cantina and HERE Lounge... what a memorable day! Pictures will be up soon on my MySpace page so look for them... thankfully my savior T-Ball took some great pictures... we need to get him gigs doing weddings too... he is pretty amazing!!!

I have to head to work now to make some dough so I will most likely blog more tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for reading... talk soon!

Scotty B

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